About Us

As Bolt Enerji, we have been providing charging stations and equipment supply services for electric car models since the day we stepped into the sector in 2021. In this journey we set out to accelerate the use of electric vehicles and the transition to zero emissions in Turkey, we offer you the best products and equipment in Europe and provide high quality services.

Since 2021, Bolt Energy Solutions has been supplying electric vehicle charging station products and equipment. Bolt Energy Solutions works with the best and highest quality electric car providers in Europe to provide you with a top quality service.

As Bolt Energy, we offer you a wide range of electric car charging station models and auxiliary equipment, where you can find different products according to the model specifications of your electric vehicle. The wide range of products also creates an environment for diversity in prices. You can find AC electric car charging station and DC electric car charging station models within the Bolt Energy Solutions product range, which offers electric charging stations that can be produced with two different currents.

Always keeping expectations and demands in mind, Bolt Energy Solutions also supplies portable electric charging stations and electric vehicle charging station units with minimal electric vehicle charging time for those who want to charge their electric vehicle quickly and safely wherever they want.

Bolt Energy has a wide range of models in fast charging stations and units. It also supplies you with systems that will make your life easier with its rational and innovative solutions at the most affordable prices.

Our Vision

Bolt Energy, which has a quality, conscious and at the same time versatile design model primarily aims to offer you solutions in a wide range of areas with the smartest and cutting-edge system electric vehicle charging station software. In this direction, our primary vision is to become the leading and innovative name of the sector, offering modern solutions at the point of electric car charging stations and accessories.

Our Mission

Bolt Energy Solutions prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers and business partners. At this point, our mission is to maximize satisfaction by offering modern, safe and efficient electric vehicle charging units to both our customers and business partners.

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