NRGKick 22 kW Standart & Schuko Adaptör Set AC Portable Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The NRGKick Portable Electric Vehicle Charging Station allows you to functionally charge your electric car at any location.


At home, during traveling or with friends – enjoy complete flexibility without compromising performance.

NRGkick is one of the smallest smart 22 kW charging units ever. The small dimensions and literally “handy size” ensure comfortable and easy handling.

The NRGkick is everything your e-car needs to be charged

The highly innovative charging unit NRGkick impresses with its safety and intelligence. The patented safety connector system with temperature monitoring on every phase pin ensures that burnt sockets are outdated. It also includes innovations such as autonomous load management. This means that if NRGkick detects that the voltage has dropped too low due to an overload in the grid, the charging current is automatically adjusted. Other innovations include blackout protection, locally assignable charging reports via WLAN and the option to upgrade further functions (such as photovoltaic charging soon) via the app at any time.

Get started now! – Without complicated installation

With NRGkick you don’t have to deal with long planning and installation: NRGkick can be used immediately in any standard socket. With the additionally available type 2 plug connection, you can even charge at public charging stations. This means you can charge your electric car wherever there is electricity and have your “wall box” with you whenever you need it! Of course, you can leave the NRGkick permanently plugged into your socket without hesitation. It is absolutely temperature- resistant and even rain cannot damage it.

One of the safest loading units on the market

The NRGkick offers numerous safety functions such as the patented safety connector system with disconnection detection and arc protection, as well as temperature monitoring for each connector insert on each phase pin! With Schuko plug inserts, the temperature is recorded on both pins. Burnt sockets are a thing of the past!

Upgradeable and updatable

NRGkick adapts to your wishes – so that the functions can be upgraded at any time, even after purchase! You already have an e-car, but are only planning your photovoltaic system for the next few years? No problem with the NRGkick! Have functions such as photovoltaic led charging or the OCPP feature for your NRGkick at any time later – without additional hardware!

By the way, NRGkick does software updates independently as soon as it is connected to a network.

Smart features

The free NRGkick app gives you access to numerous smart functions such as

  • Display of current charging costs
  • Overview of the amount of energy charged and export of charging history (PDF and CSV)
  • Adjustable charging start time
  • Time-controlled charging with charging plans
  • Adjustable in 1 A increments, variable charging current
  • Start/stop charging at any time
  • Adjustable amount of charging energy
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Numerous interfaces ensure that NRGkick can be accessed anytime, anywhere. NRGkick has a Bluetooth and WLAN interface as well as access to the NRGkick Cloud and Web API. With the free NRGkick app for iOS and Android, you can access the charger at any time and use all extended functions.

Locally assignable charging reports via WLAN

In the NRGkick app you can optionally specify the location of the installation WiFi networks – for example “At home” or “At work “*. This information can then also be seen in the charging reports, making it possible to make precise statements about the amounts of energy charged in a given location!

Charge faster

With the NRGkick you can charge up to 10 times faster than with a normal household socket. In our charging time overview, you can see how quickly your electric car will fill up again.

Quality product from Austria

NRGkick solutions are developed and manufactured by DiniTech in Austria. DiniTech uses only high- quality components such as Mennekes plugs for its charging solutions. DiniTech GmbH produces innovative products in the fields of electronics and electromechanics in customer-oriented development. Outstanding quality and performance are their top concerns, evidenced by numerous awards and honors.

What is an Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

Electric vehicle charging station, as the name suggests, is the equipment that allows you to meet the electrical energy that electric vehicles need to become operational. In the garden of your home, in the parking lot or in other words, wherever there is an electrical socket, you can easily charge your vehicle and make it usable thanks to the charging station.

Today, electric vehicles have become widely used due to their ease of use and energy savings. To charge these electric vehicles, you will need an electric vehicle charging station. Thanks to this equipment, you can make your fuel more economical and meet your vehicle’s energy needs wherever there is a socket and continue on your way.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Units

Electric vehicle charging units are technological systems produced to ensure the flow of the energy current required for electric vehicles to operate. Unlike standard gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle models, hybrid vehicles that run on electric energy, provide significant savings to drivers in fuel consumption. Therefore, these vehicle models are becoming more and more widely used every day.

Electric vehicle chargers are produced according to two different currents, alternating current and direct current. Therefore, since you can find models with different features among these systems in the market, prices can also differ at the same rate.

AC Electric Vehicle Charging Station

One of the two currents that electric car charging station models are compatible with is AC, i.e. alternating current. AC current refers to charging station models produced in accordance with household sockets. Although AC electric car charging station is more economical products than systems produced in accordance with direct current, the charging time of your vehicle is longer than DC current systems. Thanks to the converter in your vehicle, alternating current is converted to direct current and your vehicle is charged. It is possible to find many different models with these features.

Produced as alternating current (AC) compatible and one of the most preferred models Juice Booster 2 TR Set Portable Electric Car Charging Station. It allows you to safely charge your vehicle with its ability to carry up to 3 tons of load and water resistance. Our other model, Juice Booster 2 Basic Set Portable Electric Car Charging Station , which you can use functionally as a wall box and has an adapter recognition system, creates a safe and portable charging environment wherever there is a socket.

Vestel EVC04-AC22 22 kW Electric Vehicle Charging Station is another product that offers a safe charging environment and includes high security measures especially against leakage current. With its 22 kW energy output, it provides the ideal energy power for your vehicle. If you are looking for an electric vehicle charging station with an affordable and stylish design, then you can choose our JUICE CHARGER me Electric Vehicle Charging Station model. In addition to its stylish design and affordable price, it is also a product that will meet your expectations at a high level with its compact design.

NRGKick Portable Electric Vehicle Charging Station is one of the electric vehicle charging units that is reliable and ready to work without the need for installation, but it is also a product that you can easily carry in your vehicle with its special bag and portable structure. One of our other AC current products is Juice Booster 2 EV Set Portable Electric Car Charging Station.  Although small, it allows you to easily charge your electric vehicle wherever there is a socket and make all sockets one filling point for your vehicle.

DC Electric Vehicle Charging Station

DC electric vehicle charging stations are also known as fast charging stations. The are systems that have the feature of fast charging between 1-4 hours, depending on the technical specifications of your electric vehicle. The electricity network always provides AC, that is, alternating current electrical energy.

However, thanks to the converter in the electric car you own, AC current is converted into DC current, that is, direct current, and sent to your vehicle battery and your vehicle is charged faster than alternating current.

Juice Ultra 150kW Electric Vehicle Charging Station is one of the DC charging station models, but at the same time, it shows a high level of resistance to all adverse environmental conditions thanks to its 100% metal body. If 150 kW of energy is too low for you, then you can choose one with the same features, only with higher energy. Juice Ultra 300kW Electric Vehicle Charging Station we can recommend the model.

Portable Electric Vehicle Charging Station

One of the most preferred and highly functional charging station models for electric car models is the portable electric vehicle charging station. Portable charging station systems, which allow you to charge your vehicle wherever there is a socket, or mobile car charging station, puts an end to your search for a car charging point.

Juice Booster 2 EV Set Portable Electric Car Charging Station, as the most preferred model, has received full ratings from users thanks to its automatic charging power adjustment and durability. Juice Booster 2 TR Set Portable Electric Car Charging Station has high-level security measures and provides great convenience thanks to its easy operation system.

If you are looking for a product with a more flexible and fully automatic working system, the Juice Booster 2 Basic Set Portable Electric Car Charging Station, which has a special design, is a product that is provided with a carrying bag and has a performance beyond your expectations.

NRGKick Portable Electric Vehicle Charging Station, one of the other reliable and functional portable products, is among the products we offer at affordable prices for those seeking the best for reliable charging as well as its stylish and compact design. Since the models are different, the prices are in different ranges according to the features of the products.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Prices

Electric vehicle charging station installation cost has become one of the most curious issues with the widespread use of electric vehicles. Vehicle charging station has also become a basic requirement for electric vehicles to operate actively. Therefore, among our products, there are dozens of products that can meet your expectations in different models and features.

Electric vehicle charging station fees are shaped differently for each product. First of all, features such as the current type of the charging station, the number of sockets, energy distribution and storage potential, and the location to be installed can also differentiate the prices of the products.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Regulation

Electric car charging stations, which are used in areas such as workplaces and fuel stations, have become an area of commercial venture as well as individual use, as they are a basic requirement for every electric vehicle to operate. In other words, people who want to make an initiative will be able to open electric vehicle charging stations, which are just like a fuel station, if they can meet some conditions. At this point, the regulation created by EMRA is taken as basis.

According to the regulation published in the official gazette, one of the main requirements for electric vehicle charging stations is that entrepreneurs must be limited or joint stock companies. However, entrepreneurs who can show a specified amount of collateral can open an electric vehicle charging station as a commercial enterprise for 49 years. The electric vehicle charging time at these stations varies according to the characteristics of your vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

With the widespread use of electric cars, public electric vehicle charging stations have started to be widely installed all over the world. The number of these stations, which are widespread all over the world, has exceeded 3000 in Turkey.

The stations, which were first established in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Adana and Izmir, have now started to be established in metropolitan cities as well as small towns and districts with the increase in demand. With the widespread use of electric vehicles and the increasing need for charging points, establishing an electric vehicle charging station has become an important step for entrepreneurs.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solutions

Electric vehicle models are new generation vehicles that run on electric energy and thus provide significant savings in fuel consumption. At this point, Bolt Energy Solutions, which always brings all innovative systems safely to you, is a solution-oriented business partner where you can find both electric vehicle station systems and equipment.

With Bolt Energy, you can safely access electric vehicle charging station solutions that you may need in all your personal living spaces such as home, workplace, residence, parking lot, restaurant, hotel and shopping center.


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